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Moving House Checklist

While finding your ideal home can be a dream come true, the logistics of moving from one property to another can quickly become a nightmare if you aren’t prepared. There are lots of things you might not even consider having to account for, which is why we’ve devised this handy checklist of things to do when moving home:

1) Confirm your moving date

If you’re purchasing a home, your official moving date will have to be confirmed by both the house sellers and your conveyancers. If you’re renting, you might be able to more flexibly spread out your move over a series of several days. Try to get as clear and concise an answer as possible, and make plans in case things take slightly longer than you initially expected.

2) Provide notice to your landlord

While it might make sense to wait until the end of your lease to move, this might not always be the case – although it’s usually the most convenient time as you will avoid any overlap in rent (nobody wants to pay for two properties at once).

Regardless, make sure you give your landlord plenty of notice to avoid unnecessary charges.

3) Find a reliable removal company

Your budget, the size of your new property and the number of possessions you have will ultimately inform your removal company choice. At the London Removals Company, no job is too big or too small. We’ll price-match any genuine like-for-like quote and ensure that your valuables and personal belongings arrive in perfect condition.

4) Contact your energy/utility suppliers

Let each of your energy and utility providers know that you’re moving house – you may wish to move your current contracts over to your new property, or you may wish to find a better deal. Just be aware that switching services like phone and broadband from one property to another could take several weeks. If you’re going to be without connectivity, ensure you download any important documents (instructions and directions, for example) in advance of your move.

5) Put the essentials to one side

When you first move into your new home, you’re going to want to have the essentials to hand – keep all of the following in the same box if possible:

• Phone/laptop chargers
• Cleaning products
• Bin liners
• Toilet paper
• TV/radio
• Duvet/bedding

6) Move in!

Once your London removal company has delivered your items, it’s time to make the place your own. To do this, start with a thorough clean, then:

• Unpack items room-by-room, starting with your kitchen
• Ensure all utilities (gas, electric, water) are functioning as they should
• Check you have copies of keys to every door and window
• Find out when bin collection day is

Finally: kick back, relax and enjoy your new home.

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